Welcome to Daily Madness Productions. We are dedicated to developing strong stories and captivating characters for children’s television.

“You’re only given a little
spark of madness. You
mustn’t lose it.”

– Robin Williams


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Our Mission.

We are a production company dedicated to developing strong stories and captivating characters for children’s television.

Our mission is simple: create exceptional animation!

Sure, it’s ambitious. And definitely easier said than done. But it’s also exciting! This is our passion. There is nothing else we’d rather be doing. And we are willing to put ourselves out there in order to do it right and to do it EXCEPTIONALLY well.

So, there’ s really nothing left for us to do except get started!! If you are looking for fresh ideas, an awesome production partner, or both – look no further. We’re right here!

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Daily Madness Productions.

Daily Madness Productions creates animated TV Shows for the 6-10 audience. Kids this age are actually rather sophisticated
television viewers. If we want to earn their loyalty and really capture the imagination of this age group, we know
we have to bring it!

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Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Think Avatar the Last AirBender. Think The Hunger Games.

These are big names and big budget productions, but let’s be honest, what’s the point in thinking anything other than big if you want to win over the older kid market?


We produce our animated television shows in a variety of styles for all genres. Whether it’s fast-paced, laugh-a-minute slapstick comedy or high-stakes action and adventure – Daily Madness is all about entertainment.

mask Daily Madness is a company founded by a woman and run by women so, perhaps not surprisingly, we are particularly passionate about producing shows with strong female characters.

She could be the hero, the baddie, the comic relief, the mentor – or all of the above! The only thing our female characters will never be is ‘token’.


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A Little Daily Madness

‘a little daily madness’ is the pre-school arm of Daily Madness Productions, generating content for kids aged 2-5. Through bright, vibrant, cute and engaging characters, we are creating funny stories that have a purpose.

We want to help start kids off right with their first introduction to media.

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There is Method to the Madness…

With goals set, and our vision ambitious, this is how we approach our productions.


Choosing the Right Project:

We select ideas that tell a story, first and foremost. Stories with clear goals and rewarding endings. Finding characters that have motivation, dimension, that kids want to watch.

Hire Smart:

We source and nurture talent. We hire ambitious people with passion and motivation, then create an environment for them to thrive in.

Pipelines that encourage creativity:

We are specialists in budgets and schedule design. We know how to run an efficient and cost effective production. From years of experience, we have learned first-hand how to devise a solid, workable pipeline that allows time for creativity. We’re not just talking about the expected creativity of discussing ideas and reviewing work – we mean allowing space for the mistakes, the wrong turns, the bad days where nothing seems to work. The good and the bad both contribute to the creative process… we recognise this and embrace it.

Invest in Technology:

IT, computers, software development… there are an amazing amount of resources out there that help to create top-of-the-line visuals, but also streamline the behind the scenes production process. Animation co-exists very happily with technology and we are bringing coders into the fold from a very early stage.

Research and Testing:

How else can we know if we are on point? Incorporating stages through development and early production for a third party to test our products with our target audiences to see how they respond.

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The Team

Lindsey Adams

Founder and Producer

Lindsey has known since she was a little girl that she wanted to work in animation and she has pretty much been on a mission ever since. After earning an Honors Degree in Computer Animation from the University of Teeside, Lindsey moved to Edinburgh to get started in her dream career. She started out as Assistant to the Executive Producer at DC Thompson before moving to Red Kite Animation as a Production Coordinator. Lindsey soon became Production Manager on the BAFTA-nominated Dennis the Menace and Gnasher and the International Emmy-nominated Ask Lara

Lindsey relocated to Dublin, Ireland in 2013 to assume the role of Production Manager on Boj and then Wildernuts Series 2 for Kavaleer Productions. She then moved into a Producer role, serving as both a Series Producer (Kiva Can Do!) and Pilot Producer (Buddyboom). She has also produced several projects for Axis Animation in Glasgow, Scotland. Lindsey is currently Supervising Producer on Space Chickens In Space for Disney and Executive Producer on an exciting new development project with Pewter Games. Watch this space!

Lindsey watches an inordinate amount of television and thinks there are very few things in this life that compare to a properly formatted excel spreadsheet.

Shannon George

Creative Director

Shannon didn’t seek a career in animation – it just kind of happened (lucky for her!). After arriving bright-eyed and brimming with enthusiasm in Los Angeles, the first industry job she landed was with Gracie Films where, among other things, Shannon worked on a little up-and-coming animated series called The Simpsons. She then worked for Nickelodeon Studios Florida on several live action productions before joining their New York animation studio as Associate Producer and then Producer on the hit preschool series, Blue’s Clues.

Shannon moved to Dublin in 2012, starting out at Kavaleer Productions as a Series Producer (Wildernuts Series One, Boj, Deadly) and then Head Writer/Story Editor (Wildernuts Series Two, Kiva Can Do!). Her Show Runner credits include Buddy: Tech Detective for Amazon Studios and Kody Kapow and Powerbirds for Universal Kids. She has received Emmy nominations for her work as Producer on Blue’s Clues and Consulting Producer on Amazon’s The Stinky & Dirty Show

Shannon is a musical theatre geek, a sci-fi fan girl and a coffee snob.




Gemma Martin

Animation Director

Gemma got her first animation job thirteen years ago and she’s been an animating machine ever since. Her work can be seen on Kavaleer’s Boj and Kiva Can Do!, Tiger Aspect’s Mr. Bean, Jam Media’s Zig and Zag, and Cloth Cat’s Luo Bao Bei and Dave Spud, to name a select few.

Gemma is the mother of twins, a big Agatha Christie fan and has been known to go on the occasional ghost hunt.

Nicola Skuse

Technical Director

Nicola has been animating away for well over a decade on multiple television series that include Kavaleer’s Boj and Kiva Can Do!, Cloth Cat’s Toot the Tiny Tugboat and Llan-ar-goll-en, and most recently Pinkalicious for Sixteen South.

Nicola can wiggle her ears, loves to build cosplay costumes for her friends, and rules at Harry Potter trivial pursuit (seriously, just ask her niece).

Adam Kavanagh

Art Director

Before joining Daily Madness as Art Director, Adam had amassed several impressive credits as an animator and character designer on series that include Kavaleer’s Wildernuts and Kiva Can Do!, Boulder Media’s Wander Over Yonder and Danger Mouse, Salty Dog Pictures’ Brewster the Rooster and Space Chickens in Space for Disney. He has also directed several shorts, including Turnip and Duck’s Zoot & Friends, for RTE.

Adam is a cat dad, a B-Movie fan, and a Lego enthusiast.

Kristina Yee

Staff Writer

Kristina graduated from Harvard University where she studied Folklore and Mythology. After Harvard, Kristina attended the National Film and Television School, UK where she earned her MA in Animation Direction. Her graduation film, Miss Todd, won a Student Academy Award®, was published as a children’s picture book in 2015. Kristina’s second children’s book, The Girl Who Ran was released in June of 2017.

Kristina’s television writing credits include Kavaleer’s Kiva Can Do!, Salty Dog Pictures’ Sir Mouse and Danny’s Awesome World, and Space Chickens in Space for Disney.

Kristina was a high school speech and debate champion and when she was five asked Santa for a fully functional robot baby horse – she’s still waiting for it.



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